Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 6, 2016

This week went by so fast! Faster than lightning McQueen! But it was a great one! The Lord is continuing to progress His work here as fast as Elder Pettit and I are willing to go! It has been so amazing to see the direct correlation of us prioritizing and putting more and more effort in that the Lord progresses this area more and more! Coincidence I think not...Gotta go out and work hard Erry day!

Among this weeks miracles are Uchino san! He MAKES MOVIES! The Japanese Spielberg as I like to call him! He is way cool, he comes to english class and met with missionaries 40 years ago...DAD, he has a Morumon Kei, I am gonna try and swap him that for my morumon sho. He was so excited when we said we wanted to teach him a little and said he had a lot of questions about Jesus Christ. The Lord has some amazing timing. His seed has been growing for a long time now! We meet with him in about two hours!

We have a ton of other people that have a lot of potential that we are beginning to teach so stay tuned!

I am so grateful this week, we have recently been doing training's on finding our investigators needs. This last week as we finished and I was thinking about it, I realized that EVERYONE has needs, not just our investigators. And it is important for me to find my own needs, to ask my self honest questions, ponder and listen, and take the guidance from the Spirit. I need to find what my true needs are to help me progress on my path back to Heavenly Father! baby steps.

Got to see some more former companions this week, always the greatest!

Elder Pettit is doing amazing! I absolutely love working with him, he might be leaving here this transfer. But I don't think the mission president is ready to make me the Senior here yet ;) Cant really blame him hahaha so Elder Pettit will hopefully stay and I can continue to learn from him and his example!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

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